A dreamer, living in my own fantasy world

A thinker, lost in my own ideas

A struggler trying to make my own road

A learner who loves to enjoy life

Cherishing the nature and trying to understand its hidden meaning

Making people smile around me and spreading the joy of living in this world

Embracing the small things that I encounter through my way

An emotional and sentimental fool

Who wants to makes each day a special one

Jotting down each moment in a written form called as ‘ My Memory’

Basically, A dreamer in my own world







7 thoughts on “About

  1. Pastor Roland Ledoux says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your About page, using poetry to share about yourself! I also have read a few of your poems so far. I LOVE, love, love poetry! Am I a poet? Not a bit! I am not creative that way although I have asked God to bless me with that kind of creativity, instead, He blessed me with a great love for an eclectic variety of poetry and many friends who DO have that creative gift!
    Thanks for stopping by my new blog, I sincerely appreciate it, but also realize it was the Holy Spirit who led you there, because He knew, I needed to come by YOUR blog which I am going to love following! I am an avid reader, but the Lord also wants me to write, so I DO have to make time to read and I love a lot of blogs, but—-I do make time for them all and yours will be one of them! So, until then, you inspirational dreamer, God bless you very much and continue to guide you in ALL your writings as you inspire, captivate, motivate, encourage and uplift all whom God, our Father brings here!

    • pepesapam says:

      Thank you so much Pastor Roland Ledoux for taking your precious time and stopping by my blog. Even though i am not a poet or a good writer, i just love to play with the words and take inspirations from the things that is happening around in my life..:-) I appreciate your encouraging words and i do hope you will also write more with all the blessings from the Heaven’s above.. !!! i will continue to write more as you have said so along with the blessings from God..and thank you very much for the blessing..God Bless You too as always and have a great day..!!!

  2. jinglingjarofwords says:

    Cherishing the nature and trying to understand its hidden meaning…..
    Loved this line. I feel the same way too. The Alchemy of nature never ceases to surprise me. There’s just so much to learn and unravel.

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