Its ending

Another 365 days gone by, just like a wink in front of our eyes

And as usual,  I feel nostalgic about it as i do,  every last day of the year.

May be I am scared or insecure about the coming days,

But, I could not help reminiscing about the days I had this year.

2017 was a  good year to me,  Both personally and professionally

I faced suffering and frustrations, but I gained more wisdom.

I traveled more, and met new people making more memories.

I met my old friends and laugh over our past days.

I work harder and gave my PhD synopsis finally, even though research is never ending.

I got my sincere prayers answered, making me to believe more in the power of prayer.

Even though I am marching in the new year, with less tensions compared to last year

I could not help anticipating and being curious about it.

After all, at the end it depends on how one utilize each day to bring the best out of it.

And I do hope, all my dreams for which I am working will come soon.

With all these thoughts and prayers, here I am marching into the new year

With smile and faith in my heart…

Happy New Year …