Her Marriage

I am having mixed emotions today.

Happy and nostalgic; at the same time. When she said she is getting married, I am happy for her. But at the same time, I was thinking, is this for real?

We knew among four of us, she will get married first , but still the happy news has to sink in our mind. My another friend told me, ” I still cannot believe her “. And here I am thinking, yes , now we are at the stage where we hear only the stories of our wedding bells, so it has to be true.

Looking back, i cannot help reminiscing our past together. We were small kids with our school uniform, with our heavy bags, coming to school, laughing and giggling. Studying together, making fun of the teachers and what not we did. We had our share of fun when we were growing up. Roaming places, shopping together, eating , always chatting, sometimes fighting and then laughing loudly like lunatics (we still do that), that sometimes our dear mother’s used to say, “How are you guys talking like that, talking and laughing at the same time.”

I cannot believe, those days are a part of our memories now. We have grown up, move on along with the pace of our life, but still the most important part is we are still in touch and connected. 20 years and we are still together. And i know this relationship will last till the end. No matter what.

Her house used to be the meeting point for most of us, as her house was at the center of the town, nearer to most of our friends house. We used to meet there when we come home for holidays.  With her marriage now, this thing will also change. Along with her marriage, a part of us is also leaping the next step. I still remember what her mother said to us last year, when we were leaving her house “You guys continue to meet each other okay, till the end, be together”. And this year, if i go to her house, it will be her wedding.

Time do bring changes…

Indeed, I am happy for her, for her new journey, new life. But at the same time, I cannot stop being nostalgic.

We had our past memories together, now , we will share new memories with her, and her new family…And this is what we called as our ‘Life’.





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