It sounds easy, but I cannot do it

I thought I was pretty sure that I can accept anything

But I was wrong.

I cannot accept this, I was not prepare for it yet

As I had raise my hope and expectations

But now, it’s all in vain.

As I sit here, waiting for the news to sink in

To accept it

And all I can say is that it hurts badly

It hurt so bad that it is hard to move on

For now it hurts,

But I hope, someday I will smile again.

For now let me be in pain

Let me get hurt

Let me cry

Let me miss him.

And console myself saying ‘He had lived a good life;

He is at better place than before’,

Remembering the last happy dream that i saw of him

Healthy and strong, with his peaceful smile;

Sure, it will be the last memory of him

And i do miss him.




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