A sincere prayer always get answered
I am not a very spiritual or religious person
But i believe in the power of prayers.

No matter what the condition it is,
no matter how hard it is, no matter how long it takes,
it does get answered.

For me, prayers did wonders for me
Miracles does  happen when
I least expected it.
As if the road is carved out for me
long way before by Heaven above.

Through the path of my life,  I had encountered obstacles;
Sometimes, I shrink into the well of frustrations.
There are days when i feel living the life itself is arduous
Sometimes i cry silent tear when I sleep.

But with a silent prayer and strong belief in him,
I marched ahead every day.

And that prayer of mine, he answered gladly
Making me to realized that everything happened
at the right time,at the right moment.
It just that one just have to walk in our life patiently
with a brave heart and a smile.




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