New Year

Last year I was at home, sleeping on my comfort bed in the cold winter,

And today I am in my lab, writing this post and enjoying the pleasant weather.

When I looked back and think, how this year went..I can only say,

Time flies away in the blink of my eyes,

All I could remember was spending and welcoming the New Year 2015 with my family;

But now here I will be in my hostel with my friends, at least I am not alone.

This year, I had happy memories, i laughed with people i cherished the most

As well as i endured my bad times with the care from my loved ones

I  learn to become a better person,

I learn to walk and heal from my own pain,

I learn to endure the frustrations, still i had cried over my sorrow.

I learn to live with patience, still i need to learn to be more patient..

I had work hard but at the same time, i had learned to live with failure.

But most importantly, I learned to have more faith in the power of prayers,

Faith in my own prayers as well as faith in my loved ones prayers.

And now, I am waiting eagerly for the new year to come,

For a fresh start, new hope and new beginnings..

And today will again be a past memory soon..









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