Festive Season

The dried yellow leaves of autumn season, the warm sun rays, perfect for the season, not so cold, not so hot;
it’s just warm enough which is in perfect harmony with the warm feeling coming from our loved ones during this festive season at back home.

And I am here away from home and my family members, and I sure do miss them and the festivals.

If I had knew that the times I spent with my close ones during this festive season before eight years back won’t come back again for time being, I would have spent it and be with them as if it was the last moment. I should have given my all for them.

At back home, tomorrow is the day when all the married women will be invited for lunch by their brothers in their maiden home. We called it as ‘Ningol Chakouba’. The brothers cook delicious, special food for their married sisters; the sisters adorn their traditional dresses prettily and go home with lots of snacks and sweets. The brothers and their parents eagerly wait for their daughters with their kids to come home. Together, they enjoy the food cooked by their brothers merrily, talking and laughing about good days. The brothers presents gifts whatever they can give to their sisters and their kids as a token of their love, and the elders giving blessing to the young ones.Still they continue to laugh and enjoy the moment. This is how the day goes.

As a child along with my own brother and sister, I had always enjoy this day, not because of the gifts or anything, but the fact that I will be enjoying a good lunch with my uncles, aunt and cousin’s together at my mother’s maiden home. Even though we meet now and then, but on this day I feel more special and I do love the affection from my uncles. Spending times, playing together and listening to my elder’s cousins stories are one of the best memories that I had when I was growing up. Later when I go back to my own home, again with my grandparents, uncles, aunt and my cousin’s from my father’s side, we all have dinner together and go to watch movies to end the day. Sure I do miss those days, those moments, those times of togetherness.

Even though I am far from them for now, and I will in my lab working like a normal day, but I won’t be able to hide the feeling of this warmth of this day and will be missing my folks back home. It is the love of our loved ones that warm us, that make us who we are, even though we might have misunderstanding with them sometimes, but on a day like this we forgive and forget all the bad stuffs and enjoy the good times only to bring all of us closer again.

And with the memories of this festival, I realized the meaning of the phrase “Live each day as if it is last day” because if I had knew I won’t be able to attend ‘Ningol Chakouba’ at my mother’s maiden home for a long time, I would have enjoy the previous one with all my might with my loved ones. Seeking blessings and advice from my elders, playing with my cousins, i would have enjoyed more.


2 thoughts on “Festive Season

  1. inmycorner says:

    Pepe – I know how hard you are working to help end cancer. I am so very appreciative of your work and your sacrifices. I wish that you could enjoy Ningol Chakouba too — and I recognize your loss for my gain. From the bottom of my heart. Thank-you.

    • pepe says:

      Ahh Stacey..this means a lot to me, and i am not sure whether i am qualified for your compliments, as i am just starting Stacey, just an amateur…but someday hope i can live up to your words…Thank again 🙂 yes i did enjoyed Ningol Chakouba with my friends here 🙂

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