The dream

The memories which continues to haunt me,

To saddened me, to troubled me

Thought I had erased it, thought I had forgotten,

But still it appears as my dreams.

Once it was a pleasant dream,

But now it is a dream which I do not want to remember

Those bitter sweet memories of my past,

Though I had my moment during those times,

But now I don’t want to think about it

As it continues to hurt me,

As my heart still aches for it.

Even though I console myself by saying, “It’s okay, every story has its end.”

It still continues to hurt me sometimes.

Even though I have learned to live with the pain,

I don’t want to feel this anymore

This memories, this dreams, I want it to fade away,

As I don’t want to recollect it anymore

Like a dry leaf trampled and blown away by wind,

I want these memories to fade away

Away from my mind and my heart

So that I can see fresh dreams again.


4 thoughts on “The dream

  1. shansmileylli says:

    I can see my feelings articulated through your words exactly.. What was so exciting and used to give me wings to fly, during my past, the very same simultaneously bitter-sweet memories started to haunt me horribly, though today, I have run a long way to escape from them, now I’m walking towards my freedom again 🙂

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