She always says “Be strong, just have the will to endure little bit more, everything will be all right”.
He taught me “Don’t depend on others, what you can do, do it by yourself, the pleasure is more fun when you do your own work by yourself “.

When someone hurt me, she said “Don’t worry, believe in humanity and never hurt others. Don’t get swayed away from humanity as God is always there for us.”
When i get tired from my life, he said “Your will power and your motivation is your strength, you can do it”.

When I say, i miss home, she said,”We are there for you always, why do you need to miss home, just focus on your work, we are here and our home is still here. When you come back, i will cook good food for you.”
When I wanted to give up, he always tell me, “It’s okay, you will do it next time, i believe in you.”

When I am worried about my unseen future, he says, “Don’t worry, There must be something good store ahead for my daughter, everything will happen at right time”.
When i accomplished a small thing, she says,”See, your hard work pays off, there is nothing better than doing your best, continue to strive for better.”

When my uncle passed away and when i cried, she said, “its okay, even though it hurt for now, what can else we do, his time here is over and he had to go, leaving us. This is what getting old means, someday i have to go also.”
When ever we go out or have vacation, he always say, “Take pictures, seize the moment as photos, this are the memories that we will always remember”.

These are the  words from my most important person in my life. Simple words but it contains all what i need to know to go through my life.
For all these years, i grew up listening and remembering this words, helping me to be strong and independent.

I recollect this words when i am struggling,
when i want to give up,
when things are not going well.

They have always been there in my walk of my life.
Who I am right now, what I am doing right now, its because of them.
The two most opposite people that i have ever met , but taught me everything.
My parents. I am really blessed to have them.


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