Wave of Innocence

You may pity me, but I am happy here
As I am laughing to my heart’s content
You may think, I don’t have anything,
but I belong here,
You may feel sad for me,
But I am playing freely here without any bondage
on the lap of my green mother nature.

I wake up with the sound of chirping birds
when the first sun rays fall on my face
not by the sound of something else.

I am not envious of big buildings or fancy places
as I don’t want to get immersed in the world of temptations and greed
as I still want to keep the child inside me alive.

I can climb to nearby mountains whenever I want
so that I could scream and shout there
and says to myself that I am on the top of world

I can sit there whole day,
watching the shepherd bringing their herds for grazing
people working on the green fields
my friends playing in the muddy water and pitches
with the sound of giggling voices of happiness.

I can stay here forever
encapsulated in the calm and serenity milieu
with no thoughts of hatred and fighting
sharing the little whatever we have
with my own people.

I don’t want to lose my innocence over the daily struggles of our life
as these trifling things continue to exist
as both pain and happiness are the sides of a same coin

I don’t want to lose my bright smile when I grow up
I just want to be myself like how I am now,
watching the shapes that those fluffy cloud makes,
lying here on the carpet of soft green grass.

And when evening come and sun has set down beyond the horizon
when flocks of birds gather together and fly back towards their home,
I will also go home with my arms wide open
with my friends to my lovely parents who will be waiting for me.

I will be in the arms of my loving parents
and this is where my home is,
My abode where I love to stay till I grow old.

So, don’t feel sorry for me, as I am happy here.

* The above post is inspired by a small child living in a conflict area in a small village where he was playing happily without any thoughts of worries and tensions.










2 thoughts on “Wave of Innocence

  1. jinglingjarofwords says:

    Stirring ! Reminds me of hymn we were taught in school… ‘ happiness is where you are and what you want to be …’.
    This comes across as unadulterated joy.

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