Let it Go

Sometimes letting go of some things is the most  difficult task
More than anything it is one of the hardest thing

Letting go of our anger,
Letting go of our grudges against someone,
Letting go of our comfort zone,
To let go of our dreams, our hope, our confidence,
The dreams that we had seen, which we hold dearly to our heart with all the minute hope and perseverance that we had;
Letting go of the person whom we love the most
Letting go of all the memories which were once the best ones in our life
Letting  go of all the things that we had once treasured the most.
Letting go of the bad times that one had endured, the tears that you had shed once

For once in our life, some moments come in which one need to be brave
And have the courage to  be able to give up
To let it go and start new again.

So that you can have the strength again to stand up
to be able to face the world,
to smile again, to endure again,
to regain the lost confidence,
to love again,
to realized that it does not meant the end of everything
instead  it means the start of something new and beautiful;
to end the bad dreams we had seen ,
So that only fresh dreams will be there again.

I do hope I can also get up and let go of my pain,
So that I could start fresh again.


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