People and me

I am surrounded by people Who

Wakes me up from my bad dreams
Points out my weakness and tells me to work on it
Bring me my dinner when i fall asleep
Tends me like my mother when i fall sick
Understand my grumpiness and tolerate me
Tells me inspirational stories when i feel low
Listens to my irritating complaints without any reluctance
Makes tea for me, when I am really tired and need it badly
Accepts my clumsy behavior.

I am surrounded by people Who

Prays with me when I lose someone I love
Makes me to believe in the power of prayers
Picks me up when I don’t feel like walking
Assures me that everything will be all right when things are not right;
Makes me laugh when I come back from my long tiring lab work
Cheers me up if I accomplished even a small thing
Makes me feel at home, even though i am far away from my home.

In every way, I am blessed by this people,
People who are close to my heart, who makes me into a better person.

Someday, these people and I will go in different ways
They will be busy with their lives; I will be busy with my own life,
But when I looked back later on,
I will have this memories.

Memories of this wonderful people,
Having a good laugh under the dark sky studded with  twinkling stars
With the half moon shining upon us;
And the cool breeze giving us company to our talks;
Talking about everything and laughing like a mad person.

It is this memories which matters the most,
And I am really blessed to have them.



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