He danced up there on the stage,

Glowing with confidence with his precise moon walk steps.

The gestures of his hand synchronizing with his accurate footsteps,

Mesmerizing everyone in the auditorium.

The crowd was cheering for him, giving him the applause for his feat,

Shouting and praising him.

But sadly, he cannot hear the cheering crowds and the applause,

Not without his hearing aid.

His friends wave their hands  as a sign of applause for his dance,

As he cannot hear those beautiful words.

But still, he went up there with his confidence,

Not letting his imperfections to hinder him from showing his talent to the world,

Not letting himself to be discouraged, from doing the things he was good at.

He was brave and was not scared.

And he left me an imprint on my heart,

Not to let my fear and imperfections rule me anymore,

After all, no one is perfect ,

As, one is unique in their own way.




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