Sometimes i wish i could get the answers to all the why’s of what is happening around the world. As one of my friend always says “Life would have been much easier if we all know the answers to all the why’s.”

Why the hatred against one another? Why the intolerance against different religion’s, why the ignorance against someone else? Why the differentiation against someone if they have different culture as mine ? Why the discrimination if someone else look different than the other ? Why the need to show the power and the feeling of superiority against one another ? Why the need to belittle someone else ?

I do wish to know the answer to all of this.

We human beings are funny, we are social animals. We can’t live alone, we need to live with everyone, but again if we live together , we fight with each other.

Scientifically we belong to one species, one family and genetically, all of us have the same genes inside our body. The composition and orientation of these genes differ which makes one to have small eyes or big eyes. Some have dark skin color, some are fair, some are tall, some are short. But we still have two eyes, two hands and two legs.

But again, we all are different in everything because of our thinking and thoughts.

Still, we all share the two same fate, ‘our birth’ and ‘our death’.

Still, we continue to fight against one another, we kill each other even after knowing we all have to die some day. Whereas in some corner of our world , some one else is fighting hard to stay alive.To breathe again, to walk again.

We shout hatred slogan against one community because we don’t share similar cultures, but we mask the negative sides of our own community, not ready to accept the faults we have. But we point our fingers to some else wrong doings.

We have immodest views against somebody else religion but we become intolerant if we get to hear something bad about our own religion.

We look down on people who are less superior than us. We look down on people who are poor. We downtrodden the people who don’t have anything for their own.

We dragged down the people who are climbing up the ladder of success by their own hard work. We show our power to others to reach the top of the mountains.

Its funny when i think of it sometimes, we are so similar but we are different because of our thoughts. Because of our mindset.

We may want to change the society and make a better place to live , but until and unless we change our mindset, our way of thinking, nothing will change.

It’s up to the individual’s thoughts, and these thoughts are sure powerful;

These thoughts can either built a garden of peace or perish the whole mankind.

These thoughts make some one evil and someone angel, make some one a thief and some one a philanthropist, these thoughts make some one a killer and some one a priest.

But still, i am a strong believer of this humanity and our mankind.

And I do hope i could get the answer to all this why’s someday.



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