One Year Older

Birthdays do remind me that i am getting a year older. It does reminds me that time does not stop for a while, even if i stop and halt for a while.

I am going to be  one year older over the weekend. I am excited as well as upset at the same time. Upset as i am getting a year older but excited as it’s my birthday.  But i guess i am more excited than being upset about it as i already have started making plans in my head about what to do that day.

I do wonder whether being excited about my birthday is a good thing or a bad thing?

I do wonder whether i am still immature?

I do wonder when will i stop getting excitement for my birthday?

I do wonder whether the child inside me will get old someday?

I know no one wants to get old, as time is running out of our hand and we have not completed what we had thought to do in our life.  And our life itself works in a mysterious way than one had imagined.

I have met people who does not want to celebrate this day. People do say ‘what’s so fun about getting older’, they remind me the ‘literal meaning of getting old’. With more age comes more responsibility, with more age, more troubles come, but i don’t want to worry about this one on my birthday.

As for me, Birthday reminds me the importance of why i am here in this world.

It reminds that it is because of a day like this that i am able to live in this world, able to see things, able to breathe fresh air, able to do what i want in this life.

I am able to thank God for his blessings because of this special day.

It is because of this day that i am born to a wonderful parents and a lovely family.

It is because of this day that i am able to meet so many beautiful people in my life who taught me priceless lessons.

It is because of this day that i am living my dreams, i am able to smile, i am able to shed tears.

It is because of this day that i know what it meant to be alive, even though i faced some ups and down in my life.

Its because of this day that i received love and joy till now.

It’s not about the materialistic gifts or the celebrations, it’s just  that i want to be with my loved ones one day more , give my thanks to them  for enduring me till now, for accepting me the way i am.

Not to think about my past that hurt and remember my unfinished dreams, but to remember the walk that i had endured in my life.

It’s just that i want to cherish good memories with my loved ones and make some more, instead of focusing on the bad times.

So that the child inside me will remain a child always, even though i am getting older.


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