A Reminiscence

I had remembered this sight from the day I had seen it. Somehow I was not able to note down the picture which is still clearly fresh on my mind. And I had really wished that i had a camera that day to capture that moment.

Once I was going for an evening walk in a park. I was alone with my music as my companion. There is a temple nearby the park. I was walking close to it. Just outside the temple, I saw them. An old man with his wife. Maybe they are going to the temple. Both of them were old. They must be in their late 70’s or early 80’s, with fully white hair.  Both of them were walking slowly step by step with their slightly hunched back.

I could not see their faces as I was facing their back sides, but I could see that the old lady was holding the wrinkled hand of the old man as he was walking slowly with his stick, supporting him. The lady was looking at him every now and then when he marched further ahead. With their meticulous small steps, they walked slowly, enjoying each other company during the evening time.

I stood there taking a look at them for sometime. The way they hold each other hands, taking small steps and the way they walk so carefully. I was standing there amazed at their caring way and the love they had for each other. I knew it when I saw them that they are still madly in love with each other. I was there thinking this is what growing old together means. Just to be there next to each other till the end. Whatever one face in their life, this is what all the people are looking for. It is not about the materialistic comfort or riches, it is about how one stand beside someone till the end even if the road they take is hard or easy.

I could feel such love again, when I was with my parents this time.They made me to reminiscence the old man and his wife again (that’s why I am writing this post). They are opposite poles, my mom and dad and it’s really true that opposite does attracts. We say that with aging, people have a tendency to behave like a child and it was true for my parents also. They argue for small small things. They tease each other. They get angry with each other for a minute. But after a few seconds, I could see either my mom laughing at him or my dad at her.

Once also, they argue at night before sleeping for a trifling silly thing. And the next day in the morning, from my bed, I could hear their laughing voices in the kitchen when they were having morning tea. They were talking about their differences last night and making fun of each other. And still lying on my bed, I was thinking they can really put up with each other. T

Two opposite people coming together, putting up with their differences and compromising with each other. I have seen them sacrificing their happiness for each other. They have been happily married for so long and through out the thick and thin they are together, putting up with everything and keeping us above of everything.

They made me realized that true love does exist in this world of today, where we are surrounded by negative emotions and negative stories everywhere. They made me not to lose hope in humanity and mankind, when everyone is trying to belittle and hurt each other. They taught me the meaning of ‘true love’, What the word ‘staying together till the end’ really means.


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