31st December 2014

The last day of the year. I woke up at 4.00 in the morning to join the walk with my parents. It was dark. But buses, autos were starting to operate bringing the vegetable market vendors with their fresh vegetables from their fields to market. People have started to come out of their houses for morning walk.Old people with their walking sticks. Husband and Wife together. Some kids also join along with their parents. Young Boys are also running around. I wanted to see the last morning sunrise of the year that’s why i woke up early. Also, i want to spend more time with my parents by starting the morning walk on this last day of the year. It was cold and freezing but it was worth going.

I could see the active people walking early for their health, the people who bring newspaper to our door in their cycle and bikes. The vegetables vendors starting their day to sell their fresh vegetables, the sweeper cleaning the empty roads before the whole world wakes up. they have started their days and we are also starting ours on this last day of the year.

It will be the same tomorrow also, even though its a new year except that one will hope for a new hope, more happiness and good health.  Everything will go on as same. As usual.

As I was walking, i was wondering about the new day tomorrow.What kind of day would it be? What kind of new year will it be ?

I have never been alone in my new year’s eve. Sometimes with my friends waiting for 12 o clock, sometimes with my family. Last year i was on a trip with my family and this year, i am on my own bed writing about this blog post. Thinking about my new year resolutions, and thinking whether i kept all the 2014 resolutions. Remembering my good old days as my year was pretty good with both up and downs.

The day is over like this. Waiting for a new beginning, a new hope. A new start of everything. With a prayers of hope in my heart, i am ending my day. The last day of the year.


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