We are in the same boat

For a research scholar, research is out of boundary. There is no fixed time, you can continue till your death, but in order to get a PhD degree in our research area, there is fixed tenure before which we have to finished.No doubt, doing research is fun and exciting. It is interesting, trying to solve a scientific problem, getting down to its roots to know why it happen. But it is kind of long and takes time. Then again, it depend on you, if you do hard work, and with luck by your side,if you get results what you hope for, you can finished soon. Every research scholar wants to do a great work, a work which will be beneficial for the society. And then  finished soon and have a stable job. Because of all these, we do have attacks of pressure and frustration now and then.

Yesterday also, one of my colleague also spoke about the frustration he is facing. He told me ;”Time is running out so fast, today is 21st November, it seems like it was January yesterday; but still we are in the same place, waiting for result to come, to write a paper and all these stuffs, time is running out, and research grant is getting over.”

Today also when i reached my department, one of my other colleagues again told me,

” Time is running out, by next year our scholarship will get over, we have to apply for extension to get research grants. But again i don’t have a publication, how will I apply, So i need to send a paper for publications as soon as possible, i am so tensed thinking about this.”

Then I replied, ” even me, i am worried about that, next year is going to be my  third year, waiting for good results to come, published to a journal with good impact factor at least”.

This is our talks these days, as time is running so fast and we have lots to do. And again when research grant stops, it add more to the frustration.

It’s not like we are money minded, for basic things we do need money and asking from home, when we are doing PhD, it is just not happening as we don’t want to bother our parents now. And then again, we have to search for jobs after getting a degree, we don’t know what’s there for us.

This is our frustration story these days, getting good results, getting research grants, hunting for jobs.

And I realized i am also in the same boat as my colleagues, so no need to worry, not to let my frustrations rule over me, as I don’t get anything with it. I have to keep on doing my work. Rest leave it to Him as when the right time comes, it will come to us.

This was my thought in the morning.





2 thoughts on “We are in the same boat

  1. inmycorner says:

    As you said, the right people at the right time. Keep an open mind and retain your open heart. Have faith. It sounds like this is the biggest challenge right now. I certainly do hear the struggle in your voice and feel the struggle in my own heart for you. For mine, and so many others’ sake – hang in there! I APPRECIATE you and your work! Blessings.

    • pepesapam says:

      Thank you very much for your kind words, it do mean a lot to me. Yes, i am in a sweet struggle stage, a stage that i have to endured with my strength and have to go through. But i am enjoying this journey even though sometimes its frustrating. You also have faith in yourself, in your strength and your prayers…God Bless You always ..!!

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