Am I really indebted to Internet ??

Today as usual, after my breakfast, i went to my department, to my lab to do the usual work. I switched on my computer, refreshed it, check for anti-virus update and then as usual opened Mozilla the first thing.

And lo, Internet was not working in my system. I felt kind of angry, thinking why it did not work, what problem happened again.  I tried again and again to connect it, but did not work. I asked my colleagues whether, Internet is working or not in their system. They replied that their Internet is also not working.

With an upset mood, i opened my other files and software’s and start working on it. Still i was angry, re checking after every 5 minutes for Internet. Since it was not coming for a while, i started to do my own work. When i was working, a thought occurred, which left me into thinking. Why am i so indebted to Internet. It’s not like i cannot work without it. I can, i have software’s which don’t need Internet, which would help me work. I have tons of research paper to read, but here i was, still angry and blaming the concerned people in my head for few minutes, for not connecting Internet on my system. Then as i was working, i keep on thinking, why am I so indebted to Internet now. When we were kids, we don’t know the word Internet. We do our home work without Internet. And now if you need anything just Google it and there, it is in front of you, you are sitting there on your chair and the world is in front of you. And i was thinking do I need Internet so much to make me angry.

Then i realized, it’s about the morning rituals that i followed when i come to my lab. The first thing i do is to check news, reading news about what’s happening nearby , checking my mails, to read mails from my loved ones, to read any research updates that i subscribe too. To read the blogs that i followed, reading good and inspiring stories to start my day. To check face book, to see what’s happening what’s going on with the people i know. And then making plans in my head, to accomplished the task that I set in my mind for today, while reading and goggling in the first hour of my work before i actually start my research work.

Maybe, it is about these rituals, which make my mind prepare for the day, if i don’t do it, i feel like i am missing out something, maybe i could not start my day like how i start everyday, maybe i am indebted to Internet, in short to ‘Google’. Maybe because i miss this, i got angry and little bit upset.

Whatever it is, i do love the Internet world, and i am grateful to the founder of ‘Google’, but i do realized today that i don’t want to be indebted to Internet always.

And now Internet is back at my system, he was missing for about 45 minutes in the morning but now came back again and here i am posting this to my blog.

Nevertheless, i still love Google 🙂


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