Sometimes a day comes in our life…
Where we can’t remain positive no matter how hard one may try; where we can’t be a strong person,
Where we are reminded of the mistakes we had made in our life
Where we do feel like that the path we are walking is too long, and wonder whether we are on the right track or not,

Where things do not go well, where we do not get what we want;
Where we lose hope on everything, where we are worried about the unseen future.
Where we ponder whether the dreams we see, will come true or not,
Whether we are building up only the sand of castles, or whether we are living in that dream.

Where we are reminded of the problems; which we have managed to keep at the back of our mind,
Sometimes we have days, where we realized that life is not bed of roses;it has thorns also which we have to overcome,
Today is a kind of ‘sometimes’ day for me, where I feel blue;
But again, I am reminded that we have to move on,
We have to keep walking towards our dreams,
As we know that life does go on, and time does not stop for anyone.
And we do know that we are here for a reason with our guiding stick,

Walking along with us with his Grace.




4 thoughts on “‘Blue’

  1. inmycorner says:

    I hope you know it is okay to be blue sometimes – i think you do. Afterall blue is a primary colour and without it there can be no full colour spectrum that brings us diversity and beauty. Sorry you are blue today – I will try to send some snow your way to brighten your day –

    • pepesapam says:

      yes, sometimes we have these kind of days, to make us realized the reality of certain things. But i am all okay now, back to my full colors 🙂 back to my rainbow – thanks a lot though Stacey ..will wait for the snow 🙂
      and hope you are also taking care of yourself in cold weather over there,keep yourself warm:-) Good Day..!!

      • inmycorner says:

        So glad you are back to your colour – I knew you would be. I am taking care – my little boy was home yesterday and had a “snow day” when busses were cancelled due to bad weather. It gave him a little vacation.

      • pepesapam says:

        ah..i love that..i know how he must be feeling, as when i was kid and my school bus did not come once in blue moon due to some reason, i had to miss the school that day. i love that feeling, getting a holiday out of the sudden…

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