The Worth

The fights around us;
Either by bullets or by words of sharp sword
Either for a slice of land or a box of jewels,
Either in the name of religion or color of the skin,
Reminding me the value of so called humanity
Letting me to think and ponder again, about what we are fighting for
Is it really worth?
The abuses and wounds faced
Does it really amount to the cost of one’s life!!
The hatred, the violence and the prejudice,
Does it really deserve for one’s to give up their life!!
We say we live once, breathe once, everything happens once
But sometimes I wonder at the happenings
Is it really worth?
To end one’s life just by a gun shot,
To kill the innocence of a child, who just learned to utter the first word
To end the joy of a first time parent’s,
The love and the promises of a happily married couple
The bliss and comfort of a grandparents playing with their grandchildren

The sick person trying to overcome his pain so he can walk again;
The friends who are laughing together over certain moments
The struggler who is working with all his might to endure the day;

To end of all this moment at once,

I really do wonder
Is it really worth the fight?









2 thoughts on “The Worth

  1. inmycorner says:

    What can be achieved through the fight? If it is land – then no. If it is money – then no. If it is power – then no. If it is humility – then there will be no fight.

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