The Angels

The laugh we had, the giggles we enjoy, the way we make fun of each other, united in our story of happiness, the good times we have, the bad times we had overcome,  enjoying the small things , doing the things that our heart says. Making most of the time we have to spend with each other , caring only for the good food even though we won’t have money to buy our basic things, the long talks which we start from a story and ending somewhere.

Gathering money from each one of us when we don’t have enough money, and then worrying about the unknown future while making the calculations in our head of this materialistic world of today, but coming to an conclusion that “let’s not worry, everything will come on time and it’s on its way”

Being a perfect listener when our day was bad, listening to us with a nod and telling us that ” it’s all right, it happens with everyone ” . Always will be there at our back, like a rock to face the waves of our life. The small stuffs that we do for each other to let us feel special.Teasing each other by calling names but we won’t let someone else tease us without our permission. Talking and shouting aloud as if we rule the world.

Cheering happily with a proud smile when we accomplished a small or a big thing, they will be the ones to scream with joy first, and says ‘we are proud of you’ , giving us a hand when we are really scared to cross the bridge of our life, pushing us to make us move towards our goals and dream. A shoulder to lean on when we are tired, to wipe out our tears, caring like an affectionate mother when we are sick.  Listening patiently to our weird dreams of future and the strange stories that we cook up in our minds, to change the world, to help others, to make them smile.

Always with a smile they are there for us. Blessed are those, who have these angels in their lives, guiding them always in every small step, protecting us, letting us to go in the right path so that our focus won’t get diverted, to make us a better person.  Rare are they like diamonds, difficult to find a true one in this world of today, but once you find it, never ever let it go. These angels will guide us in every single step and every single moment to let us fly up in the sky along with the white clouds on an azure sky of October evening.

These angels are called as ‘friends’ , the ones that makes us laugh on a cloudy day, that makes us laugh until our stomach hurts, until we laugh with tears on your eyes, who let our stream of tears overflow when it is time for us to  shed the sorrows filled in our heart. They are the ones who makes us realized that our life is indeed beautiful and it is such a blessing to have them, that makes our journey simpler and much more easier.

And Indeed, i am blessed to have a bunch of these angels in my life.




3 thoughts on “The Angels

  1. inmycorner says:

    Oh – this is such an uplifting post. Bless you angels! I could not agree with you more — I love my friends too! So lucky are we that we have our own host of angels!

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