The moon shining so sweetly, in this cold misty night
Sound of the sea waves far away in the silence of the night
With the sparkling stars above making a blanket of Milky Way
The swift sound of the breeze swirling around the trees
Making an echo with the melodious voice of the mother singing lullaby to her child,
Singing the praise of the Lord for the pleasant day they had
To let them lie down for the night protected in her blanket of love and care
Sliding away in the land of the their fantasy, Far away from their realism
Where tears are met by the sound of laughter, where hatred untangled itself into the sea of love,
Where wisdom are shared between the souls from their heart
Where people actually listen and speak to each other from their hearts
Praising and loving each other, without any undesirable intentions
Bonded by the thread of everlasting joy and happiness
Where there is no room for the evil’s to come and shattered the bond
No room to break the dreams into pieces,
Where there is only peace in the air, making a paradise on earth
Where only the giggling voices of the children could be heard.


8 thoughts on “Lullaby

    • pepesapam says:

      thanks a lot dear…it mean a lot to me as i am an amateur in writing,and i want to write more..well the image, it was with the theme that i chose and i love it..:-) thanks again for stopping by..have a great day 🙂

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