A Lazy Sunday

Certain songs move us back to the time where we had enjoyed that song once.Just by serendipity, I bumped onto my parent’s favorite’s song, and it reminded of those times when we were still small, those lazy Sunday i had spent with my family. Those are old classic songs and at time I didn’t understand the song but now when I listened to it I could realized the hidden messages it contain, its soft melody giving me a soothing effect. It is their song when they grew up, when they were in their mid-twenties. I guess my love of for music was encapsulated onto me by my parents.
i remembered those time in my eyes when our parents were young and they used to hummed to these songs before we grew up.
We three were small and we don’t have the sense of the practical world at that time. Every Sunday we used to eat late lunch, just played around with them, we used to take bath late than other days as well watching movie together with them sometimes. My father would bring out the old recorder or music tape which we hardly get to see these days. Out in the front verandah of our house, he would bring out the music cassettes from his collection.  He would put their favorite song. And both of them would hum those songs. Even though we don’t understand the deep meaning it carries, we enjoyed at that that time, but now when I listened to it I can feel the emotions that they had felt at that time.
My mother after finishing cooking for morning as well as after washing the utensils, she would wash our school clothes out in the open space in front of our house. A mother’s work does not end, and I did not realized this also at that time. We would be playing there besides her, lying down on a mat, basking under the rays of sweet sun, watch the floating clouds up in the sky. Guessing the shape that it makes, and wanting to jump in the white fluffy clouds and play there, thinking we could walk easily there. I did not know at that time it was water vapor only. Wondering and trying to distinguish the shape the clouds make. And my father would be polishing our school shoes for us to wear, so that it would be shining for the next day. Next day our shoes would become almost white because of playing, but still he would polish for us without any complaints.
My mother after the completion of washing our clothes, one by one, she would take turn to bath us. We three used to fight so that we could take bath at last. Slowly and slowly with her love and affection she would scrub and wash us, one after another, each one of us taking turn. My father would dry us up; make us to wear our new clean clothes. Their favorite songs will still be playing at the background for us. Listening to those songs now makes me drift to that moment. I feel like I am there at that moment. I feel like I am that small girl with my curly hair, small eyes and inquisitive mind.

After everything is over, my father would get ready to take bath and whenever he took bath, he would always ask us, “won’t you wait for me when I am taking bath, come and wait for me, it’s fun,” . I think he did not want to be alone but to keep him company; we three would sit by him and used to enjoy watching him taking bath. He would scream and shout when he pour water just to tease us, saying it’s very cold. He would tell us funny stories. We would also tell him where he still had the lather of soap on him and still their favorite song will be running at the background. And this is how our lazy Sunday used to be with their song in background and it is this song that makes me drift to that phase of time, reminding me a whirlpool of emotions, those innocent times, the affection and love of my parents. But i am happy to have the sweet memories which i could see clearly in front of eyes.





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