“Happiness and Sorrow”

I am reminded of a true story which i encountered some years back.  since then the story have been loitering in my mind, and today finally i made up my mind to write about it.

We all know that both happiness and sorrow are like the palm of our hands. Both can’t be ignored and both can’t be separated. If we don’t know sorrow, we don’t know the importance of happiness. If we find happiness, someday sorrow and pain prevails over us. This message i get to learned from one of incident that i come across it as a spectator and the story goes like this-

Once in a Delhi where we were studying, one of my friend’s mother and her colleague’s came to one of the reputed institute for training related to their work.They have to stay there for a fortnight and attend the extensive classes provided for them. The classroom and the residential accommodation for them were made in a very elegant way. They were very satisfied with the comfortable rooms that were provided for them.They were given a single AC room each, a big comfortable master bed, LCD TV’s, geyser, electric kettle, electric iron and everything that one can possibly ask for. My friend mother’s and her friends, we can see their happiness felt on their delighted face. They want to enjoy their stay as much as possible away from their normal routines of home. We come from a small place, a small town perhaps i can say, not so fully developed, and we struggle for small daily activities also, so i can imagine the happiness they felt when they reach there. Among all the elders, one aunt felt so excited and was so enthusiastic like a small child. We went to the training institute to meet them after they have settled . When we reached there she was so happy to see us. As soon as we meet,she was telling us stories about her stay there. She called us lovingly as bemma ,  (which means my dear girl in my language) and told us,” it is so comfortable staying here, i don’t need to wake up early to make breakfast as in back home, instead morning tea came to my room. I don’t need to clean the room also, the cleaning department people comes in the morning, sweeps and moped the room, but at back home i am the one to do it.Surely, its a very good vacation.” Since she herself is a mother, cooking for the family and her children is her main priority, but there   she didn’t have to worry about when to make food and to think about what to cook. She continued telling us , “it is such a relief to be away from normal routines from home, even when my kids called me up and asked me don’t you miss us and home, i teased them saying, i don’t miss  home anymore, its more comfortable here and i don’t want to come back.” Just like an innocent child who is content after getting the thing she wants, she was laughing happily and we could feel her happiness at that moment. She told “just like you guys here, we are also going to class, attending classes, then come back to have lunch, go again to the class. after the class is over, we go for sight seeing tour around the city provided by the institute.”

After listening to her joyous stories , we also went back saying we will come there again and meet them. We went there after a gap of 2-3 days. We met with everyone, greeted the elders, except the aunt with whom we spoke last time was nowhere to be seen. We inquired about her to my friend’s mother, whether she went somewhere. But what we heard was unbelievable. My friend mother told us, she had went back home. Just after the day we met her,she had left for home leaving the training before the completion. She had received a call from back home the very next day informing her that one of her son had suddenly succumbed to injuries in an accident. We could not imagine the news we just heard. We were too shocked and was trying to feel the pain from her point, but we could not do anything, except trying to share the pain she had felt, wondering what she must be thinking, remembering her smiling and happy face, the one we had seen before.The day before she was so happy, and the next day, her life takes an U turn, a devastating turn. Her life would never be the same again as well as for her family. That’s when i realized, happiness is so short lived, we don’t know what is going to happen the very next moment. We are never sure of the unseen future, what it may hold for us. Sure , happiness and sorrow does go hand in hand. I realized that day why we should really live our life to the fullest, not just breathe to live,but cherishing every little moment.

So that one day we can die without any regrets. To find happiness in small things and even in pain, to try our best to smile in time of disaster. That day i realized happiness and sorrow do go hand in hand and both can’t be ignored completely.


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