A Voice

Sometimes I get shattered, when what I wished for does not come true..

Sometimes I do get disheartened , when my hard work goes in vain..

Sometimes, I do feel like giving up everything, when things are not going right..

But still there is a voice inside my heart, which tells me “not to give up now..

Which tells me to try harder more, until you don’t have strength anymore,

To continue to walk through the long and difficult steps,

Until you can’t step further anymore..

Maybe for you, you have to reach out more,

May be the road to your mountains, is very far and curved

But continue your walk, enjoying the picturesque that come along,

Enjoying the sweet fruits from the trees between the path…

Listening to the sound of the nature and music from Heaven’s above..

Continue to walk along, until you don’t hear my voice coming from your heart”


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