Words from a Father


He used to write to his daughter regularly. That’s how she learned to play with written words when she has to reply back to her father. She has stayed most of the time away from home after her schooling is done, to a new place to continue her further studies. She was far away from her comfort zone, away from her loved ones and family. She had gone there, to be able to live in her own world. She was alone, scared, confused yet determined and curious about her new life. Those were the days when mobile phones were at its infancy. And it was during those times, her father always make an effort to write some inspirational words for her, so that she would not get disheartened. She cherished those hand written words. She came to realize the truth that words in written form do much wonders than spoken words. She used to complain about anything and everything, she was trying to adjust to the new surroundings but her father for once also, never discouraged her, or neither scolds her, instead pour her answers to her problems. He used to encourage her by his words written on a white sheet of paper, told her to take care of herself, to accept the change that is in front of her, to learn something new every day. He told her not to run away from her own troubles, instead face it, so that she will emerged out stronger. He wrote to her, to work hard as it is the only way to success, not to spend unnecessary money to have an extravagant life. Yet to enjoy her life and find joy in small things. He told her to pray every day and to believe in God, as he is the only caretaker of every one. He always writes not to worry about what’s happening at back home, but only to concentrate at her work. Once he wrote saying “since you are far away from home, we your parents, your mother and me are not there physically to take care for you, so your will-power and your hard work are your parents”. Those words became her strength, when she feels low, her motivation when she feels like giving up. Till now, she is enduring her journey by remembering those words. But gone are the days, written words are replaced by spoken words. Even though the father and the daughter conversed now and then through spoken words, the moments spend with written words, waiting eagerly for letter to come, those times were priceless and more touching. Still she remembers and kept those words close to her heart. Still she missed those days but she is thankful to him and his words, for what she had become today. Still she wants to write more letters to her father  to read his sweet words again.


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