Lessons i learned

These days i am learning how to make handmade stuffs by using newspaper and waste paper and i am learning day by day to make more new style and better ones.  This habit gave a whole new experience to me, letting me learn  the important values of our lives, which one need to encapsulate to become a better human.

it's not that perfect like a professional but somehow i manage to do it..:-)

it’s not that perfect like a professional but somehow i manage to do it..:-)

First of all, i learn how to be more patient, which is one of the most needed qualities in these fast and racing world of today. With patience, everything becomes more smoother and easier as well as more beautiful.

I learn the importance of bright colors and happiness. Nobody likes or wants to be sad, gloomy or frowning for some reason ,like that people only like the bright colors and the smile on our face. as i was applying paint on my handmade stuffs,  bright colors looked better than the dark ones, that somehow looked more vibrant and cheerful . That’s how I learned the importance of bright colors in our life, it makes us more bright and bring out the more positiveness in our life. So always remember to smile, even though your day had been really hard.

I learned that practice makes you more perfect, at first when i made the baskets, it was not so good, something or other went wrong but as i made more and more, it became better. i wont say its perfect, but i am striving towards it now. I learned not be dishearten when things don’t go my way, instead i learned ,  why we say practice makes a man perfect.

Finally, i learned how to learn from  my own mistakes. As i was making the baskets initially with my clumsy hands, i made a lot of mistakes. now ,step by step,i came to know where i made mistakes, would correct it myself and tried my best not to make the same mistake again. Well, that’s why we say learning from your own mistakes is the best teacher of all.

These are some of the small things that i learned but are most of the important virtues that one should have to make our journey easier and simpler. It is true that life itself teaches us so many things, just that we need to open our senses clearly to embrace all the joy and beautiful  happening in our normal day lives. And keep applying these teachings in our life and to be grateful about it every minute.

Indeed Life is really Beautiful..!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S i am attaching some of my crafts, they are not that great but i am happy that somehow i made it and i make me smile 🙂


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