Being ALive

Our Life ..this four letter word, as we say it is unpredictable and complicated. We never know what will happen the next moment. It’s only a matter of seconds that can change our life, that can make a huge 360 turn. It can change everything, the way we see, the way we perceive, something happens within a fraction of second. It is simple as that and easily one life can end. The story of that person will end forever. It will stop to that point. And nothing else. When you survive from a death, that is when you realize the value of this four letter word, that is when we realize that being materialistic is not the answer to everything, instead cherishing the small things, embracing the love that our Almighty have shower upon. As people say, enjoy your life when you have time, that’s how people came to know the importance of our life. What does it mean to be alive, what does it mean to able to breathe fresh air and to feel the love surrounded by our loved ones. How it feels to noticed the love and the care of your own people. How it feels to see the world again with your open eyes, how it feels to hear the sounds of the nature whispering to you, how it feels when you are able to be at yourself again. Death is a part of our life, we know that he is there waiting at our door.  But living our life with no regrets, the way we want to, if we do that we can easily surrender to him. We never know when will he come and and in what form, but until the day he comes in our life, we should live to our fullest so that when we close our eyes forever, we can close it with a smile on our face.


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