The ‘I’ Word

The problem created by ‘I’ in our human lives, until ‘I’ is changed into ‘We’, until you let go of the ego that the word ‘I’ carries…

Such a small word, a single alphabet, but it can bring more harm in a relationship than anything else…

It is impossible to think of something new…impossible to bridge between people, impossible to link two people which have a different opinion. Wish the world could have been more of ‘We’ and less ‘I’…

The more of ‘We’, the distance between each heart shortens, the more of ‘We’ the talk becomes simpler, the more of ‘We’, more love and care builds up…the word ‘hatred’ becomes weakened..

More of ‘We’, our life becomes more beautiful, our soul becomes more peaceful…we smile more from our heart…

We need more ‘We’ than more ‘I’…


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