Wow…getting a nomination for Inner Peace Award..

For a starter like me, who currently have no enough idea how a blog work, getting nominated for “Inner Peace Award” for the first time gives me an overwhelming feeling, happiness and gratitude…motivated me to work harder and write more..

Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my gratitude by thanking Coach Muller at for nominating me for the award and would like to carry on the gratitude by passing this award to my fellow bloggers which i have listed below…

20 Lines A Day.

stuff i tell my sister

Everyone Has A Story…

Grandma Says…

If they choose to accept the award, they just have to forward the award and spread the joy of happiness and gratidtude..:-)

Happy Writting..:-)


4 thoughts on “Wow…getting a nomination for Inner Peace Award..

  1. whocouldknowthen says:

    greetings…i need to ask before i assume but this notification landed in my ‘our words’ poem on 20 Lines, did you mean for this award to go to all the contributers at 20 Lines or foe this humble writer?

  2. pepesapam says:

    hellloo….hmm i guess it goes to all the great writer’s of 20 Lines, as i forwarded this award to 20 lines blog. I am new here so kind of confused also..anyways kindly forward this award to other fellow bloggers as token of appreciation…:-)

    Have a Blessed Day..

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