The days of Innocence

I still remember the fun days of my childhood, fun with laughter, and playing around, tumbling down when playing, and the only thing that we had in our mind was to play and play. I remember the time when I would just come back from school and as soon as we eat something, we will rush out to play with my cousins. If we learned a new game from school, we would be happily teaching the rules of the new game and showing how to play, to our cousins. We used to play until the sun sets down, until our parents call us back home. I missed those days. Sometimes I do wish if I could have those days again even just for a day. After having dinner, we will dozed off to sleep as if we did hard work for the whole day.  No bad dreams, no tensions, no worries, just sleeping with our imaginary dreams where we were in a castle or something, where we were the princess or the prince, where we go and visit the fairyland that we want to go if it exists in reality. Waking up, getting dressed for school in our clean uniform, to meet our friends there, to share the stories of fun that we had the day before after our school, cooking up new stories and telling our friends with excitement on our face and our hearts full of glee. The small fights that we had, but at that moment we thought it was such a big fight, but now when I recalled it, it makes me smile and think to myself what a silly fight that was. Maybe we are acting more mature now.    Thank God, I have those days as it make me laugh when I remember it. Those small small stuffs that we did in our childhood days have become our past and are our constant source of laugh now when we recalled it. All the pranks that we played on each other, on our siblings and our dear friends….i could still remember those vivid moments before my eyes as if it happened yesterday. Back then we were so full of energy, happy for every small things, we were able to find joy in everything, crying and working persistently until we get what we want. We were never worried about the next day, but yes, we were worried about our homework.  If we did not complete it , we will rush to school and before the teachers come we will try our best to do  it and if we could not do it, trying to copy from our friend’s homework or thinking hard for a very good excuse so that our teacher will believe it. When we were kid, we were just living at that present moment, neither past nor future. So that’s the reason why this days, everybody is saying be like a child, live your life like a child, try to laugh like a child.

Everybody cherished those days, everybody have their own share of childhood stories, may be good and pleasant stories, or either it may be bad and disturbing stories, but whatever the case it may be we have come so far till here, because of the lessons we learned during our childhood days. Because of the stupid things we did, because of the joy we had, because of the pain that we endure we have come so far and I am glad that I had those sweet days with my sweet friends and siblings making me to laugh every now and then.


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