The Wishlist

Everybody loves to receive gift, some may like the materialistic value of the gift inside, and some may love the affection that it carries, the care and love that was shower on it. Everybody has different views regarding it.  But in midst of all this, there are quite unfortunate ones who have to make a wish, wait for a miracle, in order to have that gift. It may be a big stuff but to some it is a small thing. i remember an incident regarding this matter and would like to share it with the world. One of the departments of our university was collecting gifts for some orphan kids for an orphanage nearby. The gifts to be given to them were the wish list of those kids, what they want. They have written down whatever they want in a piece of paper.  Those kids asked for pens, pencil, drawing book, books, eatables, shoes, toys, chocolates. Some kids were demanding but some wrote down the stuffs related to their studies and some basic things they need. But of all the gifts those kids want, one wish list of a boy really moved me. Along with other stuffs that he wants, this boy asked for Marie biscuit. To people like me who are quite fortunate as compared to them, it was nothing. We get this biscuit at our hostel during our tea time and we never took it. We can get in the market for 10 Rs.  But when i saw that boy included Marie biscuits as one of his wish list, I was moved and touched. For us we can afford it easily, but to him in order to have that he has to ask from others as a gift.  Every moment we continue to learn new lessons in our life, and this boy taught me a lesson which I will remember always, never to take things for granted whether it is big or a small. Everything has its own precious value and you know the value only when you don’t have it with you. He taught me that I should continue to cherish things, treasure it even if it means no importance to you.  If you see, observe and learn to understand the hidden meaning of things, one get to see its beauty which makes our life better and more meaningful, making it more beautiful with every step that you took and for the future steps that follows you. This incident imprinted one truth of our life in my heart which i am going to cherished forever, which will help me learn more about the hidden stories of our life, to demystify the mysteries that surround us, so that we could laugh to our heart’s content…


2 thoughts on “The Wishlist

  1. tulsi says:

    Love this story pe…so moving and inspiring!! U should get this published in the sangai express….all i can say is ” keep them coming” @ttagirl!! 🙂

    • pepe says:

      thanks rani, i will try to get it published..thanks for your encouragement, but this days with my research, i am kind of having a writer’s block..

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