The long Road…

The long road that makes us to lead somewhere nearer to our dreams that we had desired and cherish for so long. Never had seen that path, just that; dream about it million times so that when it happens in reality it would be easier for us for walk. Just walking along enjoying with the rhythm of nature, taking a rest sometimes so that we could enjoy the view. With a vision in our eyes, with a tune in our lips, with the love of our dreams in our heart, our feet marching steadily ahead. Sometimes I do wonder will it come true, will it happen as the way I wanted, sometimes I doubt myself and that’s when our biggest strength called as ‘hope’ sparkle in our heart and letting us to move ahead, holding us, telling us that it will definitely come true and one should continue to look forward towards our dreams and work and walk towards it.


One thought on “The long Road…

  1. avuniady says:

    your article reminds me of a friend who often quotes the words of our ex-president Shri Abdul Kalam who says, dream as much as you want because it is free.May you not only keep dreaming. but also achieve those dreams. 🙂

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