The Power of Prayer..


A prayer, a simple talk with our God, a direct connection with the Almighty Above to enlighten us, to teach us new prophecy, to have peace in our soul, more importantly to instilled more faith in Him. He always answers to our prayers, either directly or indirectly in some other ways. It is because of our faith and believe in him that our prayer always work wonders. Some answers to our prayer may take longer time, some may be delivered in a short time, but whatever the case is, it always come to you if you believe in your prayers and He will answer to it in his own ways to test our patience, our perseverance, to test our affection for Him, to check our loyalty. You just need to open your eyes and look around, listen carefully to your intentions, see the serendipity that you encounter in your way every day. For every move that you make, for every step you took, if you just look inside you, you will know that your prayers have been answered. Just believe on your prayers, never ever doubt it for a single moment, because one small doubt will lead to the disillusion of your prayers. And for every prayer you get, never forget to say the word the magical ‘Thank You’ back to Him, this maybe a small word, but if it comes from a pure heart, this small word can change everything.



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