My Heaven..

The melodious sound of faraway Christmas carols, the feel of cold chill winter breeze on our face. Dried leaves from the trees falling down side the roads. The azure color of evening sky with the flocks of birds flying back to their home. Here I am back to my own home. The joy of being together in the arms of our loved ones, the comfort and the warmth we felt when we hug our parents the feeling that of being protected by them and feel rested in their canvas of love. There are no words to explain the feeling. I have not seen heaven yet, but as long as I am alive, my heaven is my home.It is a feeling that is to be felt by our heart. Nothing is change in their love and affection for us and there is nothing that we can amount to that vast love. Except that they have become old and that too aged beautifully with grace and dignity and have gain more wisdom that are ready to share with us. But in their eyes we are still the small infant that they held in their arms with a tear when we were born. The innocent kid who does not know anything about the materialistic cruel world, the inquisitive kid who always ask silly questions about the surroundings, the feeble and clumsy child  who always stumbles down when we were learning to walk . In their eyes they see us as the same old kid, no matter how mature we have become, or no matter how grown up we are, we are still the same child.. And we surely love their attention, affection and the way they pampered us with everything, taking care of us. Sometimes we get irritated with them, or get angry when we don’t have things that we want in our own way, but they will be patiently hearing us out, well, sometimes they don’t. But most of the time, they are there for us; constantly worrying about us so that we don’t faced hardships. Such are the love of our parents, sacrificing small stuffs for us, sacrificing their comfort for us, so that we can have the best thing available. And when nobody supports you in this world, when you think that you are alone, it is our parents only who will always stay with us. Like a strong pillar guarding us, they will be there with us. Nothing can be compared to the love that they have for us. Some people may say it’s not always true, as there are many families which are quite unfortunate and they have broken homes, but still in my view we should be grateful and thankful to them, that because of them only we are able to see this beautiful world, we get to meet beautiful people, we get to know what life means. So we should always express our gratitude to our parents, love them in return, more than that we should always be there for them, whenever they need us like they are for us. Always express your love and care, that way they will feel proud of themselves that they raised their child well, and will help them to walk in their own journey. What we are today, how we look, how we behave, is all because of your parents and family, so, even if you don’t get along with your parents, it’s time to patch up with them, they will be ready to forgive you and accept you with opens arms. Just the word ‘thank you’ coming straight from your heart will melt their heart forever. It’s better to be late than never, so act fast. Love them as you want yourself to be loved by them.


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